Trekking in My Backyard: Mammoth Crest

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Teva ambassador Daniel Ochoa is a photographer with a love of travel and all things outdoors. His latest adventure involved backpacking through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

By Daniel Ochoa

Though the route is well known and the mountains well traversed, the Sierra Nevada just west of the Mammoth Crest is vast and immense in scale like few other mountains ranges in the lower 48. Myself and 3 travel partners set off for 4 days of fast hikes at 9 plus miles a day, fly fishing for trout, and campfire whiskey in late August. The trip took us from Reds Meadow to Duck Pass and back into the Mammoth Lakes area. Mid week in the summer is the only time to make this popular loop if you seek solitude—and solitude is what we were after. Breathless warm evenings gave way to crisp mornings and warm days. The camp grub was standard backpackers fare, but the company, fishing, stories and campsites under the Milky Way were perfect.

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