Top Bike Blogs Part II; From Mountain Biking to Grocery Getting

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We here at Teva always have bikes on our minds, especially with the launch of our new Bike Collection. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to walk our halls without getting your shirt snagged on a pair of handlebars or overhearing one of our team members bragging about the new single track they scored last weekend. From mountain biking to grocery getting, here’s part two of our favorite web destinations for everything on two wheels.

Picking the right line means the different between a head plant and staying upright. Find more at Sicklines.

Does this really need an explanation? Just add it to your blog roll.

Mountain Bike
The original.

Cycling news definitely isn’t on the decline. Get it?

Adventure Journal
Former National Geographic editor, Steve Casimiro’s hub for the outside life.

Feed the Habit
Addicted to adrenaline? Feed the Habit will help you main line more.

Mountain Bike Action
Bike porn at its finest.

Elevation Outdoors
Get high on life.

Factory Jackson
Ride a digital wheelie for this newcomer. You’ll be happy you did

Bike Portland
Portland is one of America’s most bike-friendly cities so naturally it makes sense they’d have a blog dedicated to it!

970 Biking
970 Biking keeps it simple with a photo and video heavy site dedicated to bike enthusiasts.

The Path Less Pedaled
Two years ago, photographer, Russ Roca and his girlfriend Laura set out to explore the world on two wheels. Here is their story.


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