Teva Welcomes Lel Tone to the Team

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The Teva team is as connected as waves are to water and trails are to terra firma. Our athletes not only marry our products to our lifestyle but also inspire us to live better stories. Today we’re proud to announce that Lel Tone, our first winter sports athlete, will join our crew. From the peaks of Alaska to the shores of Lake Tahoe, Lel is the quintessence of Teva as the brand enters into the winter sports market for the first time. For Lel, what began with snow eventually led to lakes and the ocean; and for Teva, what began with rivers has ultimately led to snow.

Lel grew up in Switzerland where she first put skis on at the age of two, which has seemingly paved the way for the rest of her life. When she eventually moved to the States, she ski raced while in college in Vermont, then moved to Lake Tahoe in 1995 and was hired as a professional ski patroller at Squaw Valley. Fascinated by the beauty of snow science, Lel now divides her winters heli-ski guiding in Alaska, teaching avalanche courses, and patrolling in the Sierras where she has over sixteen years of medical and avalanche control experience. Most recently, she was also fortunate enough to travel to Kashmir, India to heli-ski in the Himalayas for Warren Miller’s 2011 release, “Like There’s No Tomorrow.” Come summertime, Lel is drawn to the liquid form of snow and most enjoys paddleboarding and surfing, in addition to mountain biking, trail running and camping.

“It’s remarkable where life takes you after putting skis on at such a young age,” says Lel. “The awe and humility that I feel when up against the elements is what keeps me feeling alive and connected. I’m honored that a brand with rich heritage like Teva has welcomed me onto their team and I look forward to taking their passion for adventure onto the snow.”

“Lel is truly living the life,” adds Amy Stanfield, Teva senior content marketing manager. “For us, Lel represents mountain culture in its purest form. We are beyond excited to welcome our first winter athlete to the team and look forward to helping her live better stories.”

—Photos courtesy of: Lynsey Dyer, Kioki Flagg, Greg Harms


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