Tanya Faux leads trip to Kimberley AUS ’08

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I organized a trip through many unchartered waters in the Kimberley last year. I recruited 3 great people and friends (Fellow Team Teva athlete Anthony Yap, Craig Chivers and Caleb Feasby) to join this 18-day adventure and bring publicity to this wonderful land that is being threatened. This video below is my winning entry to be the 2008 Austrailian Adventure of the Year awarded by Outer Edge Magazine and Roving Eye. My lingering Kimberley sentiments: As I wandered though the Kimberley and paddled her rivers, I will be for ever changed….The quest to explore the Kimberley will always course though my blood, as will the drive to save her from the many threats she faces. The Kimberley has stood the test of time, and is still relatively unspoilt by man’s greed. The diversity of the Kimberley’s web of life is so complex it is yet to be fully understood. Profound creatures such as the Humpback Whale, Dugong and Gouldian Finch make thier home to the Kimberley. All of this may come to an end! Proposals for a liquid gas processing plant, alumina smelters, bauxite mines as well as uncontrolled wildfires, feral animals and weeds are all threatening the Kimberley. To be honest with you it make’s me mad to think how short sighted governments can be! So NO the continual bombardment of wilderness area’s around the world! Encourage and force governments to develop renewable energy resources!


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