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Last Thursday night Loes and I left Holland to go to Wake and Jam in Murten, Switzerland. After a 800 km ride of  we made it to the event, which was set up really well with perfectly glassy water. Naturally, we wanted to ride but we had to wait until later in the afternoon. So instead we set up camp and headed into town.

Murten is a very old town with a lot of beautiful views. Far from above Murten we saw that the competition boat (Moomba Mojo 2.5) came out of the harbor so we went back to the event side for some shredding! It was there that we met all the other riders. A lot of us hadn’t seen each other for a while so it was nice to catch up with everyone again.

The new Moomba Mojo boat had kind of a hard time because the boat was completely full, loaded with extra ballast! The wake was huge! Everyone quickly got used to it after the training session. We all worked up an appetite so we had a big dinner followed by a party.

The next morning the rider’s briefing started at nine. It was different as normally there were 17 riders. Six of them went straight through to the next round and four of them had to ride the LCQ. Everyone else got knocked out of the competition.

The next round was a head to head setup. My qualification run was alright; I crashed on the 720 so it was not good enough for the next round. I had to ride the LCQ together with Marc Muller, Mathias Coban and Julien Gafner. My LCQ run was much better and I didn’t crash like some of the other riders which meant I was going to make it to the head to head. Too bad for me the judges we’re thinking something else! So that was the end for me. Sitting out the competition I got a chance to sit down and watch the other riders compete. After the comp. They asked Jérome Tan and I for a Demo so we got to go out and freestyle.

The girl’s competition was on Sunday. The weather completely changed and it became very windy.  All the girls went in a couple of boats and headed over to the other side of the Murtensee. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see that competition but Loes did well coming in 4th.

— by Ricky Lukassen; photos by Sasha Christian and Ricky Lukassen




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