Street Freestyle MTB At Tweed Run Tokyo

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According to the history books—and more recently, J. Crew—tweed is always in style. In fact, nothing says you’re a gentleman like a tweed suit. It makes perfect sense that a well dressed English entrepreneur combined wearers of the fine fabric and pedal pushers in the first official cycling Tweed Run in 2009.

Leave it up to our friends in Japan to raise the bar this year foregoing the standard vintage bike and complementing their Sunday’s Best with a pair of Teva MTB shoes. Late last month at the first Tweed Run Tokyo, the Teva-backed Tubagra team demoed street-level freestyle tricks not only putting this odd-ball event on the map but also our MTB collection. Check out the photos and get inspired to fix up, look sharp and maybe start your own Tweed Run in your community.

—Images courtesy of Tubagra

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