Stand Up Paddle Racers Brave Channel of Bones From Molokai to Oahu

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California’s Jack Bark, winner in the prone paddle division

The Molokai 2 Oahu paddle race could be considered one of the world’s most difficult endurance races. Nearly 300 competitors travel to the remote island of Molokai by boat or plane, only to paddle back to Oahu across the 32-mile open-ocean Ka’iwi (kah-EE-vee) Channel.

Starting line at Molokai.
Teva’s new team rider Jamie Sterling at the finish line.
Jamie talking story with race director Mike Takahashi.
Second place winner and legendary waterman Dave Kalama after the race. At 47 years old, he trailed 1st place winner Conner Baxter only by a few seconds across the finish line.

For most athletes, the grueling journey will take 6-7 hours through rain, wind, 8-foot open ocean swell and even the rare, curious shark. This year, Teva athletes Jamie Sterling, 31, and Tucker Ingalls, 16, teamed up for the 2-man SUP relay division, a first crossing for both athletes. It was a lifelong goal for both athletes to complete the M20 race, testing their skills with the world’s top watermen. Maui’s Conner Baxter, 17, crossed the finish line at a time of 4:13:26, trailed only by seconds by 47-year old legendary waterman Dave Kalama. They youngest competitors to race, comprised of three 13-year-old athletes, were presented with a special award from Teva at the awards banquet at the Outrigger Canoe Club after the race.

The 13 year old team.
SUP winner Conner Baxter claims his victory at the awards ceremony at the Outrigger Canoe Club.

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