Photo of the Week: Salt Flats or Traps?

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We love this story from Teva fan Elizabeth Vera, 21, an outdoors enthusiast living in West Texas. She was on her way to hike the Guadalupe Mountains when she spotted some beautiful blue salt flats and decided to take a pit stop.

“Camera in hand, I ran to what looked like a sand bar, got there, and fell in,” she tells us. “This shot is of my feet while sitting on the side of the road waiting to dry off. Oddly enough, I liked it more than the shots of the actual salt flats!”


Elizabeth, we’re glad to see you aren’t afraid to get a little dirty in the name of adventure, which is why we’re sending you some Teva Original sandals to pair with your more mature ones.


We’re on the hunt for the most “worn-in” pairs of Teva sandals. Upload a picture of your shoes and tag us with #tevaoriginals to tell us more about your well-worn sandals. You could be featured on the blog and win new sandals!

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