Packing Tips: Road Trip Essentials From The Two Wheels to Freedom Crew

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Our Sports Marketing Manager Seth Pulford recently returned from a New Zealand road trip with the Teva mountain biking team with killer pictures and stories to share. Check out the video and Seth’s essentials for the road.

1. Head Lamp

Whether you’re pitching a tent, building a fire or stumbling around looking for a cold beer, your headlamp will come in handy every night.

2. AUX Cord and CD’s

Most every modern vehicle has a built-in port for an AUX cord, but in the off chance that you get stuck with some pre-iPod camper van, it’s essential to have a CD or two on hand to keep you sane while driving. (I recommend Neil Young’s Harvest.)

3. Camera

Ok, this one is pretty obvious, but when you’re traveling to the most beautiful places in the world and experiencing life on the road, there is no better way to relive the moment and make your friends jealous than with photographic evidence. Whether it’s an epic wave, Bike Park, a penguin or just a good-looking human, this will work every time.

4. Field Notes

Maybe I’m a bit old school, but sometimes I just like to write things down with a pen, like names, numbers, addresses of places you hear about along the way or people you want to stay in touch with. On this trip we wrote down a bunch of “choice” NZ sayings, such as “That hip’s as blind as a welder’s dog.” There were better ones, but they bordered on vulgar.

5. Bottle of Whiskey

Some of you may argue that the first four items on this list could all be found on an iPhone, but if you’re ever in a situation when the car breaks down with no charging outlet in sight, and it’s cold, rainy, remote and dark, a bottle of whiskey will help make light of any situation. Keeping spirits high is important when traveling in close quarters with multiple people.

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  1. William Willis

    Could you please give me the song names for two wheels to freedom. Thankyou

    • Teva Insider

      The first song is “The Longest Highway” by Holy Folk, and the second is “Born Ready” by Gramatik.


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