O-1 Visa Update

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I have been bound by the USCIS (US Citizenships and
Immigration Services) to Canada until they release my verdict. I am waiting on
what is called a 0-1 Visa. It is a 3 year Visa for athletes and artist of
extraordinary ability. A 4 week process turned into a 9week process. I have become very accustomed to Vancouver’s
rain, and drink copious amounts of coffee… think my stomach is black…but it
TASTES so good!  Some pictures from my winter in Vancouver are included below too.

Any one that has been in my shoes understands when I
say FLOATING. The waiting process creates all things in you life to start floating
around you. Never quit shore when everything is going to land…But I am making
the most of my situation and having quite the adventure. Except this time it is
not on a river it is in a city.


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