Northwest Mountains in Fall

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It was warm and sunny in the Northwest mountains at the beginning of fall, but now it’s turning getting darker as the shorter days of winter are sneaking around the corner…

We felt like we snuck in a bonus trip last weekend, before the mountains really shut us out of the high country for winter. We just had to make one more camping trip. Although we were dry and warm in the parking lot, as soon as we got to the trail and campsite it was all cold sunshine and snow. Luckily my Kimtah Mid Mesh WP offered traction on the wet granite.

The trip was worth it just to see the stars dazzling in the Milky Way at night. It was fun to sit on the rocks all bundled up in big parkas and warm clothes, looking for shooting stars before getting cozy in our sleeping bags. We woke up to ice on the streams and the lakes quickly freezing over. The threat of snow loomed, and we saw the first few flakes of the season starting to drift down.

On our return trip, we had to bushwhack down 1000 feet from here in the first snowflakes of fall. Not easy, but fun was had by all nonetheless.


Heather Griesman


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