Music Festival Aftermath: Welcomed Trials and Tribulations of Symbiosis Gathering 2013

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How can a 5-day festival be over in the blink of an eye? Beats me, but it happened. Time really does bend when you’re on a peninsula oasis surrounded by a shimmering blue lake, the most beautiful people (inside and out) and soul-warming music.

Though it felt like only a brief interlude, I packed a monstrous amount of adventure at Symbiosis Gathering 2013. I can tell from the newly developed stiffness in my hips and the deepening lines surrounding my smile, which was permanently engraved on my face the whole weekend.

Though these symptoms may sound undesirable, the opposite is in fact true. For me, this festival resulted in only pure elated happiness. My sore joints are telltale of my excellence on the dance floor, and the new wrinkles are joyous memories.

I realized at this festival that great experiences do not come easily. You must be willing to work for that stiffness and earn those wrinkles, and you have to anticipate less-than-perfect situations when creating your best memories.

This year the festival campgrounds were positioned in a dusty thistle patch far from the venues and the one water refill station. My campmates and I refused to let this bring us down and constructed our 20-foot tall tipi, which became a beacon to guide many across the tented plains. We also endured an afternoon of unexpected rain, but we were surprisingly comfortable and light-spirited under the dripping holes of our tipi.

When the sun came out, it was cherished more than ever. With my Teva sandals, I marched to see one of my favorite artists, Pumpkin, and shake off the rain.

Be well, and (as always) live better stories!



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