Live Better Stories and “Unfollow” With Professional Mountain Biker, Sondra Williamson

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Ever since we kicked off our Unfollow series, we’ve heard countless stories from our fans as to how they’re choosing to break from the stats quo and live better stories. From our camp, we’ve been telling tales of people like big wave surfer, Jamie Sterling who has dedicated his life to being a waterman. Adventure photographer, Chris Burkard hums along to the same tune never settling for anything less than the ideal setting as he globe trots with some of the world’s best athletes.

We’d now like to introduce professional mountain biker, Sondra Williamson who knew from an early age that she wanted unfollow, compete on two wheels and take the path less pedaled. “I take pride in the things that I do and my accomplishments because if I’d never gone for it I never would have experienced all those amazing unexpected things that life has given me,” she says. “I really don’t feel alive until I push the boundaries.” We know you can relate.

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