Have Skateboard, Will Live Better Stories: Episode 1

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Last fall, when Adam Colton from Loaded Skateboards told us he was going to push across the Tibetan Plateau in China we may have thought he was crazy if we hadn’t already seen him go rogue down the Murray River or skate across 1500 miles across New Zealand. Whether he’s carving the steep streets of Peru, Bolivia or even Morocco, one thing’s for sure: Adam inspires us to live better stories, a mantra Teva wearers live by.

True to his word, Adam strapped on a pair of Teva Reforge Events—which held up nicely by the way keeping his feet dry through some nasty weather. It’s compulsory of any serious adventurer to adhere to the proverbial quote that “Life is a journey, not a destination” so we tip our hat to Adam for conquering the numerous 14,000 foot mountain passes, road chaos and technological disadvantages.

Check out Episode One of Skate China below and read the expanded version of Adam’s story on his website and his Flickr page.

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