Crankworx Europe Raises Bar for Mountain Biking

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Vimeo Crankworx Best of from Norman Kergoat on Vimeo.

Last weekend, freestyle mountain bikers from around the world flew in for the first ever Crankworx Europe event held high in Les Duex Alps. Riders hucked, stomped and pushed themselves beyond their limits. Here are the highlights.

1.) Day six. Six long days have passed at the first ever Crankworx Les Duex Alps and the biggest event of the weekend is upon us, the Slopestyle /Teva Big Trick Finals.  The weekend has been plagued with bad weather and injuries, but that doesn’t stop the world’s best freeriders from competing for the right to be crowned the champion.

2. ) The first rider to really separate himself from the rest of the pack is Frace’s Leo Delfour Barrascqq. This unknown rider qualified during the wildcard contest here in Les Duex Alpes  three weeks back, but based off the tricks he pulled you’d think he’d been on the circuit for years. Leo charged his first run with no fear, backflipping onto the whale tail and executing a massive floaty 720.

3.) Teva rider, Sam Pilgrim came out of the gate amped and hit every trick possible. He was the first rider to attempt a flip on the road gap and paid for it.  He went down hard but was able to walk off on his own. Despite his toughness he was unable to ride the remaining runs as a trip to the hospital was in his near future. Don’t worry; he’ll be back at it in time for Whistler.

4.) Course designer Yannick Granieri was the next rider to impress the crowd as he showed off his impressive signature 360. It appeared as though he had third place locked up but Martin Sonderstom stole it away on his last run.

5.) Anthony Messere, the young phenom, had a near flawless run which included a front flip onto the first whale tail. However, a crash while trying to pull off a double whip ended his run and his hopes for the podium.

6.) Brandon Semenuk was the last rider to go in the first round (his only run of the day) and proved why he may indeed be one of the best riders in the world right now. His flip over the road gap won him the Teva Best Trick portion of the event, while his overall run vaulted him into first place; a position he would not relinquish.

7.) The Teva booth was lively the entire weekend as people flocked over to learn more about the brand, meet athletes, or even just hang out over the course of the week.

8.) It’s been a long week in Les Duex Aples, and now the athletes look to relax a little bit after their work for the week is complete.

Don’t forget to mark August 10th on your calendars! That’s when Crankworx rides into Whistler BC and transforms the town into a Colosseum of freeride mountain biking. Check out last’s year’s action and get more info here:


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