Bookmarked: ‘Surfers’ Blood’

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This Fall marks the launch of surf photographer, Patrick Trefz’ new book, Surfer’s Blood depicting a different side of surfing free from the bee-stung logos and high in the sky attitude. Instead, Trefz trains his lens on the icons in the surf world, the decisive moment where man meets nature and a wide angle gaze of surf photography as an art form.

Stark portraits of surf personalities like Bruce Irons and Wally Froiseth sit next to creatively cropped photos of secret spots and snapshots of the journey in between. This unflinching 128-page volume is sure to be a staple in the annals of surf culture. Naturally, a handful of photos didn’t make the cut so visit this article on The Northern Post to see more.

Surfers’ Blood by Patrick Trefz, published fall 2012 by Power House Books from patrick trefz on Vimeo.


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