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Team Teva paddler Anthony Yap leads a return trip to the Kimberley region of Australia.  With this trip, on the King Edward River, Anthony Yap looks to build on his world-renown reputation as a premiere big wave freestyler.  Full details below.
In March of 2009, a self-supported, raft-based team of paddlers will once again return to the King Edward River on a world first extended expedition to search out and uncover the rivers many world class features, the most sought after being the infamous giant river wave.
The giant river wave is a hydraulic marvel much like a surfable ocean wave but is found standing stationary within rare river systems around the globe. Not only would discovering these river features within Australian rivers be a first, but this will also be the first time an expedition of this length and intensity has ever embarked on a search for these rare waves.
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The expedition will follow the river’s course from a remote Cattle Station to the Indigenous community of Kalumburu, a distance of more than 300 kilometres. Along with their search for the giant river wave they will also be scouring the river banks for new aboriginal rock art, while bringing much needed attention to the plight of the Kimberley wilderness through the use of multiple media formats.
More than simply a creation narrative, the Dreamtime encompasses all things past, present and future, and gives guidelines for sustainable interactions with the Earth. A rekindling of traditional inhabitant’s values can help us to reconnect with nature and perhaps begin to cast light on ‘civilised’ society’s failings. On this expedition the Team will reconnect by foraging for bush tucker, practicing Leave No Trace ethics and living self-supported and isolated for up to four weeks.

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