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Teva is going to blow the doors off the Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park on October 13th! One of mountain biking’s most colorful and talented pros, Cam McCaul, will be joining us to do demos, sign autographs and rip the park. Teva will be giving away awesome product, showing off our new line-up of amazing gear and unveiling their Lumberyard signature feature, an amazing rideable art piece painted by Adam Haynes. We caught up with Adam to get the scoop behind the intriguing painting.

Hi Adam! We hear that the Teva feature at The Lumberyard is the largest you’ve painted to date. How did you conceive of the idea to adorn it the way you did?

I tend to work pretty small and I like a lot of detail so this feature was quite a challenge for me. At 14′ tall by 24′ wide, it was the largest blank canvas I’ve ever been faced with. But, bigger brushes and more paint did the trick and it was finished on time.

The idea evolved pretty quickly. I knew it was supposed to look like a tree of sorts, but it had that huge panel facing the pub, and it needed something to draw the eye to it. I knew I wanted to put some chainsaws in it, along with other tools for building trails and ladder bridges. And last but not least, I’d just been on a camping trip where some axe throwing went down. The ideas came together nicely in the form of a chainsaw throwing target.

The tree tunnel was inspired by a feature in Whistler, correct? Have you ever ridden the epic mountain bike trails in BC?

I have not had the pleasure of visiting Whistler in the summer yet. One of these days I’ll get up there.

Since you were on-site for the build of the indoor park were you one of the first to session it? If so, how did you find riding it?

The best part about this project was the ride breaks. The guys at the Lumberyard have filled up an entire bowling alley with ramps, jumps, pump-tracks, and ladder bridges—and they’re just getting started. I learned a whole bunch of new skills during the week. The pump track is my favorite, but it was pretty cool to get some instruction on how to roll jumps and move the bike around. I’ve always been pretty much a XC rider, keeping those wheels on the ground, but I’ve started hitting some of the smaller dirt jumps here in Bend since I got back.

Can you tell us more about your extracurricular life outside of art? How are you spending your time these days?

I’ve been pretty busy with art projects lately so I’ve been focusing on that. It’s mostly commercial, but I do a fair amount of painting as well. I usually ride my bike or hike a few times a week, and once winter rolls around, I spend a lot of time up at the mountain snowboarding. There are always lots of projects going on around here, whether they’re working on the house, working on the truck, or building a new splitboard.

Check out more of Adam’s work on his website.



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